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We entrepreneurs are often on the lookout for more business knowledge and inspiration. If you are too, I want to share with you some of the best business books of all time that I have had the pleasure of reading. There are soooooo many I want to list here but if I did that, this post would be a mile long so, I have only included a few below to start. We will have ample time to build together. However for the sake of this post, the Autobiography of your favorite icon would be a great place to start but, if you are looking for others take a browse at the books below and enjoy. These books help you to remember your power in creating what you want, while remembering why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. Drop me a note and let me know which one(s) are your favorite. If you have some best business books of all time recommendations, let me know. Look forward to interacting with you via email, or on social media at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or Pinterest at AbsoluteVenus.

An entrepreneur with a passion for branding, marketing and business development consulting for fashion brands, athletes, music artists, small businesses, private companies, and non-profit organizations.  Let's work together to create a marketing strategy for your business that will inspire the world.

I am also an advocate for living a healthy, abundant lifestyle. Indulge your spirit!

Alone On A Crowded Street

The Creative's Guide To Surviving The Mundane

Available via Amazon Kindle or Paperback

UK | DE | FRES | IT | JP

Are you a creative person who has the passion to do great things? Do you feel bottled up? If so, this will be your guide to releasing the beauty of your talent in the midst of the ordinary. The brilliant thing is the best of this book is yet to be written by you! Enjoy your magnificence and keep creating.

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